Buran Ghati – Everything to Know

Buran Ghati


Himachal Pradesh is home to many trekking destinations. Each trekking spot is unique and has its beauty. Buran Ghati offers many adventures at once. Buran Ghati, at 15000 feet, is a place where you can experience mountains, forests, and snow capped lakes. Buran Ghati offers a unique experience. Buran Ghati Trek starts from Janglik. It is a wonderful experience that includes sliding down and roping down snow walls.

Buran Ghati Trek is best done between May-June and September-October. Chandernahan Lake is the highlight of this trek. It is located on two slopes. At approximately 4,260m (13,980 ft), the elevation is above the ocean. Buran Ghati Trek starts in Janglik village. This moderate trek is suitable for those over 15 years. Buran ghati Trek takes approximately 7-8 days.

The Best Time to Visit

Buran Ghati, a stunning and challenging uphill trek in the Himalayas, is a perfect choice. This is the best option for people who enjoy adventurous activities. Except for snowfall, the weather is generally friendly to trekkers. The trek is closed during the snowfall season. Buran Ghati Trek is best visited in May-June and October-September. We get to see greenery in May and June, which gives the area a feeling of miniature Switzerland. The weather is pleasant in September and October. There isn’t any rain. If we’re lucky, the snowfall might occur.

Buran Ghati Trek’s Difficulty Level

Buran Ghati can be described as a difficult trek of moderate difficulty. This trek requires both physical and mental strength. For experienced trekkers, Buran ghati trekking is relatively easy. However, it can be quite challenging for first-timers.

Who can take part?

  • Age-15 +
  • The Climber should be capable of carrying weights between 10-12kgs
  • Trekkers should be mentally and physically fit for the trek and have enough stamina to climb.

How to reach?

  • Everyone must reach Shimla first. There are three choices:
  • You can also reach Shimla by bus. You can then take a cab to the pick-up point
  • By Train: You can also train to Kalka and then drive to Shimla.
  • By Air: Flight to Shimla airport, Jubbarhatti Airport

Activities at Buran Gothi Trek

Meadows of Dayara Bugyal

Walking through the thick green forest, you won’t know what the next step is. Unexpectedly, the enormous green knoll invites you to enjoy its stunning view of snow-covered mountains with wildflowers.


Janglik is the main village that you will see on the trek. Barua and Barua are also important villages. Barua village, located in Kinnaur location of Himachal Pradesh is where you’ll see the Buddhist banner just outside of Barua town. You will find many organic product trees and developed terrains here.

Rafting on a snow wall

We have an incredible rappelling opportunity with a wall of ice.

Chandernahan Lake

Many locals consider this lake holy. There is a legend that the moon of ruler Shiva plunged into the lake. This is why the lake’s name is Chandernahan Lake. It is also the source of the Pabbar stream.

Litham Campsite

Litham Campsite offers one of the most beautiful views on the trek. It is located at the confluence of two villages. The Chandernahan mouth is the focal point of this stunning view.

Trek Essentials

  • Raincoat and Backpack
  • Walking stick
  • Water bottles
  • First-aid Kit
  • Snacks – Chocolates, dried fruits and other munching items
  • Woolen Jackets and T-shirts
  • Mufflers and socks, gloves, thermal inners, and quick dry towels
  • Track pants
  • Lip Balm, Moisturizers, and Other Cosmetics are Preferable
  • Head Light, Sunglasses
  • Trekking Shoes, flip-flops, woolen socks.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Drive from Shimla to Janglik village in a car. It is approximately 165kms long and takes about 7-8 hours.

Day 2 – Janglik Village to Dayara Thatch

Day 3 – Dayara Thatch Camp to Lytham Camp

Day 4 – Explore and enjoy the Chandernahan Lake view

Day 5 – Litham Camp, Dhunda Camp

Day 6 – Dhunda Camp to Buran Ghati Camp, then to Munirang (river camp).

Day 7: From River Camp to Barua Village, then back to Shimla the next day.


Buran Ghati provides a comprehensive overview of the mountain range, including thick forests and various water streams. This journey will not disappoint you. Buran Ghati Trek refreshes one through its beauty, multiple breathtaking views, and refreshing nature.