What is an applicant tracking system? + 6 best ATSs to choose from!

Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of candidate sourcing, interviewing, and keeping track of hundreds or thousands of applicants? You’re not alone.  Recruitment can sometimes feel like a circus act, juggling countless responsibilities and processes. But, worry not! Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are here to rescue you from the chaos. In this article, we’ll … Read more

How Does SHEIN Works? | What makes it Unique?

How Does SHEIN Works? | What makes it Unique?

How Does SHEIN Works? | What makes it Unique? Please find out how SHEIN works and what differentiates it from other companies. You will learn how to add items to your shopping bag, choose shipping options, select payment methods, leave reviews, and more.  What is SHEIN?  Shein offers an extensive collection of affordable, trendy, and … Read more

The Latest Developments at the National Institute of Fashion Technology

National Institute Of Fashion Technology

With a vision of making fashion design and technology education accessible to the masses, The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) was started in 1986. NIFT offers 3-year diploma programs in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising & Buying, and Apparel Manufacturing Technology, as well as shorter certificate courses in Advanced Patternmaking and Stylist & Image Consultancy. … Read more

The Complete Guide to Building Information Modeling:

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around in the building construction industry since the early 2000s and there are plenty of firms that have adopted Building Information Modeling as their standard process. So what exactly is it? BIM, while similar to CAD/CAM, is primarily concerned with the model-based representation of information related to the construction … Read more

Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols

Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols

Mobile ad hoc network  an autonomous system of mobile nodes connected by wireless links. Every node operates not solely as an associate finish system, but conjointly as a router to forward packets. The nodes are unit-liberal to move regarding and organize themselves into a network. These nodes’ modification positions oftentimes. To accommodate the ever-changing topology … Read more

Google Search Console’s New URL Inspection API

Google Search Console

If you have an enterprise in today’s age, you need to know every trick up one’s sleeve of digital marketing. Everything is digitized and online; it all depends on your search engine rankings to determine if you are a successful entrepreneur. So, SEO factors like relevant keywords, on-page, and off-page SEO, and backlink building all … Read more

6 Benefits Of Using Virtual Event Platform

Virtual Event Platform

The advantages of holding live events are widely understood by marketers. Building relationships with your prospects and customers is essential, especially in B2B marketing. Hosting virtual events, however, frequently has more advantages. The COVID-19 pandemic hastened the global business community’s adoption of virtual events in their marketing mix. To stage dynamic and interesting virtual events, … Read more

Top 8 DevOps Trends to Look Out for in the Future

DevOps Services

Many companies have integrated DevOps into their business processes and have observed drastic improvements in revenue, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency. This post will help you understand what the future looks like for DevOps and what trends will shape different industries in the near future. 1.      DevSecOps Companies want to keep their data secure and … Read more