Hiking Socks: What They Are, And Why You Need Them

When you go hiking, you need to have the right equipment to ensure that your trip is both safe and comfortable. When it comes to what you wear on your feet , hiking socks are essential. The main purpose of these socks is to wick moisture away from your skin, so that you don’t get blisters or chafing when you hike through rough terrain. In this article, we’ll discuss the different kinds of hiking socks that are out there and why you should choose them over other kinds of footwear.

What are hiking socks?

A good pair of hiking socks will do wonders for your feet and are an absolute necessity for anyone who spends any amount of time on the trail. socks provide excellent cushioning for your soles when you’re putting pressure on them by walking or running over rough terrain, as well as absorbing some of the shock if you hit a root or rock while wearing a heavy pack. Moreover, they help to prevent blisters and calluses by taking the abrasive friction off your feet and distributing it more evenly. Finally, they wick moisture away from your feet in order to keep them cool and dry – no more damp tootsies!

Why You Need Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks shoes

Rough terrain can be hard on your feet, which is why you need a pair of good , Hiking socks have an added layer of cushioning to protect the bottom of your foot and give it some padding. Most best hiking socks are made from merino wool for its moisture-wicking properties and natural odor protection. If you think about the inside of your shoe being against the bottom of your foot, it’s no surprise that are a must. Allowing sweat to escape from your skin means less bacteria and fewer stinky feet in general. Another bonus is that they wick away all those wet juices that make shoes so smelly when you take them off after a hike! Wear clean, dry (ish) socks to keep healthy feet happy!

When to wear hiking socks

When it comes to hiking socks, the perfect match depends on your activity. For example, people who enjoy day hikes and have a low-impact routine will do well with Smart wool NTS Mid Hiker Crew as it’s comfortable and waterproof. However, for anyone going through more rigorous activities such as intense hikes and backpacking excursions, you’ll want to invest in the La Sportiva Men’s Power ID 2 Inch Extra Thick Compression hiking soc  ks. Not only are they waterproof and tough but also provide more comfort for your foot by adding extra cushioning to reduce blisters.

How To Wash Your Hiking Socks

Lets start with a quick rundown of what hiking socks are. Hiking socks are thicker than everyday and have reinforced heels and toes to resist abrasion from sharp rocks or other trail obstacles. Hushed nylon is usually used as the foot bed material because it wicks moisture away from your feet to help prevent blisters. In addition, some hikers prefer wool hiking socks for added warmth when traversing snowy slopes or extreme temperatures. Now that you know what are we’ll talk about how you should wash them. When hand washing the suggested method is to fill a basin or container with cold water and soap and then submerge the socks in the water until suds cover their entire surface area.

The Best Brands for Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks

A decade ago there were a couple of good brands of but now there are so many options! When you’re ready to get some new hikers and learn the basics about hiking socks, consider these four best brands for hiking socks. I wanted to share my experience with the most popular brands on the market and help you decide which ones are right for you. The first one is Smartwool. Smartwool is one of the most recognizable brands in hiker’s markets because they were born from a real love of being outside

The next brand I want to mention is Darn Tough Vermont. These socks use traditional wool as their primary material .

How to pick the right sock for your feet

Foot size is not always universal – for instance, size 11 shoes are considered large for a woman and will be too large for a man with a foot the same size. The good news is that most brands put their sizing information on the labels of their hiking socks. Keep in mind that some people find one particular brand to fit them better than others; if you don’t like the way they feel when you try them on, we recommend trying on a few different types to see what works best. Remember not to wear wool socks and polyester ones at the same time! To avoid this uncomfortable sensation of two very different materials rubbing against each other, switch socks midway through your hike.

The benefits of wearing hiking socks

Wearing the proper hiking sock ensures your feet stay warm and dry for a long period of time. You’ll be able to explore new areas without any blisters or wet shoes. Furthermore, the innovative padding on the gives your feet stability and comfort when hiking along rocky terrain or uneven surfaces. Lastly, many hiking socks are made with the iconic merino wool which is ideal for all seasons since it has natural thermoregulation properties.


Understanding how work is just the beginning. hiking socks are an easy way to avoid blisters and prevent injuries while walking, running or participating in any other form of physical activity. When buying a new pair of hiking socks, be sure to take into account the foot size and needs for high arches or low arches. The different sizes offer the perfect amount of cushioning without being too bulky or tight and should be comfortable right out of the box!