PUBG Lite is here! Get all the details on the new, lighter version of PUBG.

Intro Pubg Lite:

pubg lite

With PUBG Mobile, the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game, recently hitting 50 million downloads in record time; PUBG Corp is announcing the release of a lighter version of PUBG called pubg lite, where players on any device can enjoy their first battle royal experience. The new, scaled-down mobile version will be available on iOS and Android this month. Let’s take a look at what pubg lite has to offer!

What exactly is PUBG Lite?

Pubg lite will be a significantly lighter version of regular pubg lite and will include only one map: Vikendi. The game mode can be either Squad or Duo with up to 6 people per team and players. Will only be allowed to use scopes as an optic attachment for their weapons. Other attachments such as grips and barrel attachments are still permitted but not optics. Also, since it’s lighter than regular PUBG, there were any vehicles in-game. You won’t have access to healing items (there are also no health bars). You’ll also get more rewards in-game compared to normal PUBG which should encourage you to play more often.

What are some things I should know about?

To start with, you don’t need a PC or Xbox to play: You can now download pubg lite for your Smartphone or tablet via Google Play or App Store. When we say streamlined (as in made simple), we really mean it: The whole game is a lot smaller and more portable than the original PUBG (no worries though; they both have tons of weapons and other cool gear). And since there are fewer people playing at any given time, matches go by faster than usual and you get more experience points when you win.

This means you’ll be killing people that much quicker! Plus, pubg lite has some pretty sweet lightweight features like built-in voice chat and real-time map zooming so you can find nearby enemies easier. Oh yeah and did we mention that if you buy one copy of pubg lite, you can play across all devices

PUBG Mobile is available on Android:

PUBG Mobile isn’t just an Android port; it was specifically redesigned for mobile game play and its controls are perfectly suited for touch screens. Even though you can play with a controller, it’s highly recommended that you play with touch-based controls; they feel smooth and intuitive, making them perfect for short bursts of gaming while you’re out and about or during a quick coffee break at work (this way you don’t have to constantly reach for your phone). It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms so no matter what Smartphone you have; there should be a platform that fits your needs. The game has recently been updated to include Miramar map as well as more than 50 new customization items.

Differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite:

PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Lite:

One of our favorite things about PUBG Mobile is how quick and easy it is to join up with friends and take on other players in a 100-player free-for-all. This remains true for the new version called pubg lite. With that said, there are some key differences between it and its more robust older brother (aka the original). It’s a lot easier to download because it uses 30% less data than normal. There are also fewer players running around at any given time. And if you die early on, you can jump right back into another match without having to wait too long. All told, we’re excited for what’s coming next from Tencent Games and PUBG Corp.

Is it available right now?

Yes, it’s available now as an early access preview on Steam and Xbox One. PC gamers can download and play immediately while Xbox One owners will have to wait a few days until they can get their hands on it. It has been confirmed that it will eventually be released for PS4 but no date has been announced yet. This means that for now, you’ll need to get hold of an Xbox One if you want to play Yes it is and you can download it for free today for both Android and iOS devices! You don’t even need to have a premium account to get in on all of the action that pubg lite has to offer. It’s available now so make sure you download it as soon as possible if you want to start playing one of your favorite games right away.

When can I get my hands on it?

It’s been stated that test servers will launch later in 2018, with a full release in 2019. It hasn’t been confirmed if players will be able to play both games simultaneously. So we don’t know if it will be an instant switch when one updates or what exactly you can expect when playing pubg lite and PUBG Classic at once. We do know that Blue hole is working on a system to integrate one into another the only question is. When they plan to implement it. It could possibly just be something like a toggle button where players can decide whether they want light mode or regular mode as soon as they start up their game client before logging in and/or load-in into a battle royal matchmaking queue.

Gaming Phone for Pubg Lite:

Best Gaming Phone

This phone was developed specifically for playing games like pubg lite or Fortnight. Most gamers prefer to use a gaming keyboard and mouse while they play. But there are also specialized accessories that can be used with your Smartphone to make gaming more fun and interactive. For example, Gaming headsets, such as these Logitech’s Bluetooth versions available. Let you speak and hear better than with a normal headset or Bluetooth earbuds. Headsets are also much less distracting when other people are trying to sleep or watch TV in the same room.