Understanding The Different Types Of Information And Communication Technology

Information And Communication Technology

Information And Communication Technology (ICT) are not one, but multiple types of technology that all serve different purposes. Here we’ll focus on the four main categories of Information And Communication Technology and how they’re used in today’s world. These include Personal Technologies, Local Area networks (LAN), Wide Area networks (WAN), and Global Area networks (GAN). … Read more

How New Technology is Transforming Society and the Implications for the Future

New Technology

New Technology has come a long way since the earliest days of man. In fact, modern technology has the capacity to fundamentally change society as we know it today. To understand technology’s impact on society, you have to look at the bigger picture and see how it’s used in every aspect of our lives. Since … Read more

The Newest In Technology: What You Need To Know

Technology reboots

You’re probably aware that technology moves quickly. The moment you think you know everything about smartphones, computers, or gaming consoles, there’s something new on the market that’s better than what you have now. Here are some of the newest technology and how they could affect your life as well as society at large in years … Read more

What Is Software Development And What Do Developers Do?

Software Development

In this article, we’ll talk about what software development is and how developers work. We’ll also take a look at some of the most common programming languages and materials that are used for software development! What is Software Development? Software development is the process of creating and maintaining software. Developers use a variety of tools … Read more

Oppo F17 Price in Pakistan – Get the Latest Phone

Oppo F17

Intro Oppo F17 Price in Pakistan: Oppo is among the biggest brands in mobile phones in the world, and with good reason. It produces some of the best phones around, and they are always pushing the limits on what’s possible in terms of design and specs. Here, we’ll look at the Oppo F17 price in … Read more

Definition of technology and information:

Definition of technology

Intro Definition of technology: Definition of technology is the application of scientific knowledge to practical purposes, especially in industry or the devices, processes, and systems used by humans to change or guide natural phenomena. Technology is often considered the thing. That makes our lives easier, more comfortable, and pleasurable (ex. computers, televisions, telephones). However, technology … Read more

What is the most advanced technology today?

most advanced technology

Intro most advanced technology: When you think of the most advanced technology today, what comes to mind? Does it include the automated cars that may soon be on the road with nobody behind the wheel? Or maybe you think of virtual reality headsets that make users feel like they’re in another world entirely. While those … Read more