The Most Expensive Brands In the World

What product in the world commands the highest price? There are cars that cost $1 million, bottles of wine that go for $500,000, and even an iPhone app that costs $999 (the device itself can be had on the cheap these days). But the most Expensive Brands in the world has to be Louis Vuitton, with a single handbag costing more than $5000 on average! Following closely behind are several other luxury brands from both Europe and Asia like Porsche, Hermes, BMW, and so forth. What’s going on? What makes luxury goods so Expensive Brands? And who actually buys them?

The Most Expensive Brands in history

1. Christian Dior – $26,200,000,000

2.  Apple Inc’s Expensive Brands. – $85,203,499,700

3. Samsung – $59,291,300,000

4. Microsoft Corporation – $68,533,500,000

5. ExxonMobil Corporation – $70 trillion (yes you read that right) 6. Wal-Mart Stores – $245 billion 7. McDonald’s Corporation – $82 billion 8. Nestlé S.A – $100 billion

9. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) – $173 billion

What Makes The Most Expensive Brands So Expensive?

Expensive Brands

Expensive Brands have been valuable for as long as there have been things to brand. The idea of a name attached to an item that has a specific level of quality, design, and workmanship is used time and time again. What makes these brands so expensive? Why are they some of the most expensive brands in the world? Is it because they come with status, taste, or even prestige? It could be any or all of these reasons. But what’s important is that you know if you want to purchase one, you will have to fork out a lot more than other cheaper brands.

What Are The Benefits of Buying Expensive Brands?

Some people see expensive brands as a symbol of success and luxury, and for others, it means using a product that is going to work better than something cheaper. The way we associate price with quality is very subjective and will be different for every person. The benefit of an expensive product comes down to how much it’s worth to you in the long run. If you’re willing to save your money upfront because you want it in the end, there are many great benefits that come with being careful with your spending. Expensive brands also tend to last longer and work better, giving you peace of mind while shopping!



According to a 2016 report by Expensive BrandsFinance, Apple Inc. is the most valuable brand on earth with a valuation of $178.2 billion. The company that changed personal computing forever has been incredibly successful for decades by innovating in its field and creating a desire for its products. It’s difficult to imagine life without iPhones, iPads, or iPods but before those devices hit shelves people were still amazed at what was possible from such a small device like the MacIntosh computer. You can tell how much it cost to produce an original Macintosh using inflation-adjusted dollars by looking at the costs in 1975 which come out to be approximately $6,000 according to the Cost Of Living Calculator even though it sold for just under $2,500 at launch.


Expensive Brands WATCHES

What many people don’t know is that Rolex holds some of the most sought-after collections of watches in Expensive Brands. The History of Rolex not only stems back to 1905 but began with a sign company and principle set by Hans Wilsdorf: He wanted all his watches to be robust, reliable, and crafted with precision in mind. Starting at around $4000, Rolex is one of the most expensive brands ever created.

What is the difference between luxury and non-luxury branded goods?

Expensive Brands are simply products created to distinguish between lower-quality, generic goods and higher-quality, luxury goods. Luxury brands offer a much more exclusive experience for people who want to feel like their money is going towards something special. Designer clothes may be of a higher quality than Gap clothes and could last longer, making them worth more in the long run. For some people, though, buying something with a designer logo is enough of investment – they’ll buy anything that has an expensive label on it without thinking too much about whether or not they can afford it.


Coming in at number ten on our list is Ferrari, with a price tag of $170,000. Famed for both its beautiful vehicles and their Expensive Brands prices, this brand is sure to turn heads at any car show. With demand remaining high, especially after introducing the LaFerrari back in 2013, there’s no telling how much their current list price could jump next year. Closely following at number nine is Jaguar Cars Ltd., retailing anywhere from $75,000-$155,000 depending on the model and specifications that you opt for. A staple in the automotive industry since 1922 when they began producing luxury cars under that very same name; these luxury British-made automobiles have been an icon ever since.